Step by Step Hair Transplantation

Step by Step Hair Transplantation - hair transplant turkey - follicular unit extraction

Hair Transplantation

After you have taken your operation appointment, take care to wear button-front or zipper-front clothes when you come to your appointment. We recommend you to take a shower and sleep comfortably one night before. Have a light breakfast in the operation morning.
A patient acceptance department personnel will welcome you when you arrive our hospital, our physician and a team member will be interested in your preparation.

Hair Transplantation SECTION 1:

General assessment before hair transplant surgery; Your hair density and hair nature are analyzed by our physician and then graft transplantation area and donor area are controlled and operation is planned with you. Then, you are transferred to hair transplantation operating room.
At our clinic determining the transplantation area and opening the channel which the hair roots are placed is done by your doctor.
Hair transplantation first step opening channel and local anasthesia
Borders of the area where hair roots will be removed are determined and long-acting local anesthetic agents are injected gradually onto the area, therefore you do not feel any pain during the operation. When local anesthesia take effect channel opening is started.

Hair Transplantation SECTION 2:

  • Preparation of Transplantation Area:

Local anesthesia is applied onto the transplantation area which has been planned. Channel opening procedure is applied on the transplantation area with specific tools compatible with graft count, head and forehead structure. You may watch movie, read a book and open your computer while sitting in this section.

Hair Transplantation SECTION 3:

  • Placement of graft into the channel

Removing the follicular units (grafts) is started by using micromotor and ends within a short time. Here micromotor rotation speed and the time for roots staying outside is important. Maximum 1500 grafts is taken at one time and to protect the grafts micromotor is used at minimum rotation speed. Collected grafts which is taken by hair transplant specialist is counted. This grafts are seperated by including hair follicule number and aligned with taken time. At the end of this section temporary dressing is done to donor area.

When passing to the second section you can relax, stand up, walk and go to bath. our team places grafts onto the transplantation area which was determined by our physician during channel opening by caring the removal order (the first root removed should be placed first so that roots should not be kept outside long). Transplanting 1000/1500 grafts which are taken at one time is done. Grafts are transplanted to the live area at 45 minutes considering the timing and time of taking graft.

On the seceond section 1000/1500 grafts are removed again and grafts are placed to the channel by removing order. By this section you can relax, stand up, walk, g oto bath. Hair transplantation surgery is repeated by this sections in one day. 1000-5000 graft can be transpanted in one day. Step by step hair transplantation provides transplantation of 5000 graft (1 graft includes 2-3 hair follicule so 10000 to 12500 hair follicules) in one day. Maximum time for hair follicules staying outside is 75 minutes.

Your bandage for one night is applied at the end of the procedure and your file is given including recommendations and things to care for to have comfortable night. Your drugs are prescribed to use for 5 days. You may comfortably return to your work or home after the operation.

You should come to our hospital at the next day or 2nd day and your hair should be washed by our specialist. Special lotions and shampoos are used during this washing procedure and you are recommended to wash your hair as instructed for 15 days. Our priority in our hospital is to meet or patients’ expectations completely and to provide the most qualified service by keeping the patient comfort on top level.




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